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Webcasting services

67% of webcasts fail. Don’t be a statistic.

Webcasting That Works

You expect your webcast to work. You expect your audience to receive crisp, clear audio and high-quality video. You expect your presentation to be experienced without interruption. You don’t need more technology—you need a partner that knows how to use the technology to produce the perfect webcast, every time. Learn more about how our services make webcasting work.

Flawless Event Execution

Live Event Support Services
If you’re like many of our clients, you’re tired of webcast failures: audio problems, video problems, log-in problems. We’re in the problem-eliminating business. Our dedicated webcast producers support your webcast onsite or remotely, giving your presenters and audience the support they need to ensure a successful webcast, every time.

High-Quality Streaming

Webcast Production Services
The quality of your webcast is only as good as the production enables it to be. Professional onsite encoding services are the key to ensuring the professional delivery of your broadcast. Broadcast-quality audio and video production engage your audience to create an optimum learning experience.

Interactive Platform

Connect with a world-wide audience
Select Conferencing provides a robust, reliable medium for delivering interactive communications to users anywhere in the world. Broadcast live video, interactive presentations, and engage users with text Q&A, interactive polling, on-demand video, and much more.

Full-Service Support

Multi-Location Meeting Management Services
Our Event Management Team ensures that your audience receives the same consistent experience, anywhere in the world. You get one point of contact through the entire planning process, streamlined communication, real-time updates and the peace of mind knowing the details are taken care of.

Onsite Venue Services

Need support for your remote meeting locations to watch the webcast? You know we’ve got you covered! Our team provides Internet bandwidth site surveys, audio-visual services, and onsite technical and meeting management services to ensure a great experience for your audience.

To broadcast a virtual event to hundreds – or thousands – of individuals, Select Conferencing offers advanced webcasting solutions. Webcasting pioneered the use of rich media for internet broadcasting and today, we have the most robust offerings for companies seeking to stream audio and video to their customers, partners, shareholders or employees, regardless of geographic location.

Webcasting is a powerful, cost-effective way to communicate “face to face” with employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Webcasts are accessible to viewers via a browser, from a PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet, live or on-demand.

Use webcasting services to announce your quarterly earnings, hold a press conference, launch a product or manage a crisis. Our webcasts utilize ideal technology for entertainment events, to stream live concerts, broadcast movie trailers or airing sporting events.

Select Conferencing’ webcasting is specifically designed for the delivery of rich-media communications, which facilitate the integration of video, voice and data. When using webcasting, you can rely on our architecture to deliver the best, most secure rich-media management experience your customers demand.

We offer world-class customer support to help make your webcasts as powerful and effective as possible. We supply production services worldwide, with signal acquisition and satellite services.We can even facilitate the webcast with your own technology.

For additional information or to request a free consultation for your next event, pleasecontact one of our solutions specialists.

Webcasting solutions are an ideal way for businesses to share information with a select and geographically scattered audience – with plenty of visual aids to make sure that everyone gets the same message. You can slash travel costs, accelerate communication and get immediate feedback with this versatile tool. Webcasts can help companies announce such things as mergers or relocations, explain changes in employee benefits, launch new products, offer training programs and much more.

Webcasts traditionally have been a one-to-many communication route that permitted a rather limited level of interactivity, unlike webinars and web conferencing services. However, that is changing and webcasts now are engaging attendees to a greater degree than before. In addition, webcasts are so accessible that people can easily watch them in the comfort of their offices – or anywhere – on computer monitors, tablets and smartphones.

We offer side-by-side comparisons of webcasting solutions and reviews of many services. Armed with this information, you can choose which webcasting solution would be best for your company.

Key Benefits:

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  • High Quality Streaming
  • Interactive Platform
  • Full-Service Support
  • Onsite Venue Services
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