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Make video conferencing

easy and affordable

Wish your video hardware was less clunky and confusing? Want face-to-face communication with remote staff without paying an arm and a leg for technology? At Select Communications, we make video conferencing as flexible, scalable and cost-effective as you need it to be.

How we make your life easier

Dedicated engineering talent

We give you a dedicated team of engineers to evaluate, test and recommend video technology based on your needs. Plus, we’ll give you access to complementary video services that give you more bang for your buck.

Guaranteed low rates

No matter which carrier you choose, we guarantee we can get you lower rates than you’d get by going directly to a carrier.

End-to-end solution design

You get the most value when you let our video team tailor-fit a solution to your needs, benefitting from on-site assessments, video room design, hardware installation and training.

Dozens of carriers, vetted in minutes

Your video engineers compare dozens of possible carriers against your needs, including niche providers and Gartner’s top-ranking manufacturers.

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Signs you should rethink your video solution

Common Business Issues

  • You need to communicate with remote staff.
  • You need the ability to do live presentations.
  • You have concerns about the audio/video quality of a current solution.
  • You want to know if a new solution will work with existing your technology.

Video Conferencing Benefits

  • Harness high-quality video conferencing solutions from room-based, desktop and mobile devices.
  • Enjoy the best quality high-definition video available, and host video calls from any device.
  • Choose from innovative, scalable options, like wireless pairing and automated focus.
  • Leverage robust integrations across providers and technologies.

Snapshot of a few of our web partners

Your video hardware options include:

Polycom RealPresence Group Series

Enterprise-grade video, voice and collaboration experiences to accelerate decision-making and foster innovation.

Yealink Video Systems

Yealink video conferencing equipment enables users to connect and collaborate more effectively.


Lifesize Icon Series

From mobile-to-mobile exchanges to large auditorium gatherings, Lifesize delivers one solution for businesses to connect people.

HuddleCamHD Conference Cameras

HuddleCamHD offers cameras with various fields of view and optical zoom options from 3X to 30X.

Beyond vendor assessments and recommendations, Select Communications offers a variety of implementation services from initial planning to installation including…

  • On-site assessment and consultation
  • Room Design
  • Technology Deployment
  • Hardware Installation

Perhaps the best value we can offer is end-to-end solution design to ensure you get the technology solutions you need fully set-up and running according to your requirements.

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