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Conferencing for a Global Workforce

No matter which conferencing service you use, Select Conferencing offers multiple ways for your participants to connect to an international conference call, including local access, toll and toll-free dial-in numbers and dial-out services. We have support staff in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, so our dedicated 24/7 support teams are available to assist you and your participants at any time.

How We Help You Connect Globally

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)
Provide convenient, toll-free access to your U.S. based conference calls for participants located internationally. The ITFS phone number uses the originating country’s national numbering format; therefore, the toll-free number will vary by country. Your international participants will have the exact same call experience as those dialing in from the U.S. International Conferencing is available with both Reservationless and Operator Assisted audio conferencing services.

International Local Access (ITL)
Receive a city-specific local number that allows your participants to dial into a U.S.-hosted conference call without incurring international long distance charges within the specified city. There are no limitations and complete connectivity is available from all mobile networks, hotels and payphones. ITL provides your international participants with the same call experience as your domestic participants and can be used with Reservationless-Plus and Operator Assisted audio conferencing solutions.

International Toll Dial-In
Receive a permanent standard U.S. telephone number for your international participants. Your number will never change and is accessible anywhere in the world. With only one number to remember, this will be beneficial to participants who travel from country to country.

International Dial-Out
Participants can various call manager tools to dial-out directly to an international phone number. Or, if preferred, provide an operator with the name and telephone number for each of your international participants. You select the time and our operator dials your international participants into your conference call. You may also select our branding option—our operator will reference your company name when joining international participants to your call. Using this option guarantees high-quality line connections. International Dial-Out is available with Reservationless-Plus and Operator Assisted audio conferencing solutions.

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