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Finally a true Flat-Rate Conferencing Solution

Select Conferencing is the leader in flat rate conference calling and is dedicated to offering the best in conference call services at a flat monthly fee. You can reduce the cost of conference calls with our reliable, high-quality and easy-to-use flat rate toll conference call service.

Unlimited use for a flat monthly fee

With this plan, you get big savings – It’s a flat monthly rate plan — and it’s un-metered so you never pay per minute rates no matter how much you use your account.

How Unlimited Flat Rate Pricing Works

You pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited monthly toll conference calls. The flat monthly fee is based on the maximum number of conference call participants in your group.

Your organization can make an unlimited number of conference calls, 24/7, all month long. Pricing starts as low as $19.00 per month for unlimited calls. Contact us today for more information on rate plans.

Easy to Use

All participants dial-in to the assigned toll bridge number and are connected together. You control the account so no reservations, scheduling or operators are needed. Attendees can join your conference call from anywhere in the world.

This plan is ‘unlimited’, you can use it as many times per month as you wish and never need to be concerned about per minute charges.

Advantages of a flat rate conferencing plan:

  • Your own, dedicated conference number
  • You can set a conferencing budget.
  • Free muting, entry and exit tones, and music-on-hold (please select options upon ordering)
  • 24/7 telephone conference technical support
  • Permanent Dial-in Number: You and your participants dial into the same toll number.
  • Reservationless: The service is available seven days a week 24 hours a day. No reservation ever required.
  • Security: Separate leader and participant pass-codes.
  • Custom Options: Tone In/Out, Music Hold, Auto Hang-up, Name Record and Roll Call options available.
  • Keypad Controls: Lecture mode, mute, lock, record and playback.
  • Reliability: Top quality bridging equipment supported by tier one providers.
  • International: Same rate for overseas callers
  • No per minute charges
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