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Healthcare Collaboration and Unified Communications Solutions

Reliable and Easy to Implement Collaboration Tools

In a fast-growing and changing industry, adopting advances in technology help you keep up with increasing demand and changing landscapes. Collaborative care and increased patient outreach help to improve treatment. Improved communication amongst your hospital or physician network, as well as global medical, pharmaceutical and research partners, aid you in providing the best care possible. Select Conferencing’ world-class conferencing and collaboration tools help you stay connected – whether you are a hospital CEO or IT Director, physician or nurse, managing a long-term care facility or a home healthcare professional.

Improve Communications and Collaborative Care

  • Announce new doctors, research breakthroughs and advancements to a wide audience
  • Communicate with affiliate networks: partner hospitals, research centers, physician offices and clinics
  • Remain secure with HIPAA compliant tools and solutions
  • Make confidential patient records and data accessible from secure mobile devices and platforms

Enhance Care and Patient Outreach

  • Reach more patients, faster, with virtual follow-ups
  • Hold educational seminars for prospective patients
  • Collaborate virtually on medical cases with key physicians and experts
  • Provide continuing care and best practice education to current and former patients

Keep Staff Trained and Certified

  • Create on-demand training modules to fit a staff’s diverse schedules and needs
  • Educate geographically dispersed audiences on new procedures and techniques with telemedicine
  • Expand continuing education by adding a virtual offering to presentations and speaker events
  • Utilize custom registration and attendance tracking for certifications and compliance audits
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