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iMeet lets you be more than just a voice on the other end of the phone. Connect and collaborate in a more engaging way in HD video with up to 15 people. And customize iMeet to make it your own.

iMeet face-to-face and Build Better Relationships

Meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere with simple online meetings that let you build better relationships, leave lasting, first-class impressions on guests and save thousands on business travel. iMeet integrates best-in-class video and web conferencing with reliable conference calling in a secure, cloud-based, personalized online meeting space where you and your guests can get together anytime.

iMeet makes hiring and training easier than ever

Imagine this scenario:  Your company is hiring a new Sales Director, and you are in charge of the hiring process.  You must choose between three qualified applicants, all located in separate locations, ranging from in the same city to across the country. With iMeet, your interviewing process is simple!  Instead of expensive travel costs and lost time away from your office, you can use iMeet to connect with the applicant on a video conference.  With iMeet, you are able to manage the recruiting process effectively and eliminate excess travel costs at the same time.

Manage global and domestic clients easier with iMeet

Your organization just signed a large client located in London and assigned you as their Account Manager.  This client requires multiple monthly calls, conferences and meetings and it is your job to foster an open, clear communication channel with this client.  How can you keep in constant communication with them easily and efficiently?  With iMeet, you can communicate and collaborate with clients across the globe instantly.  Whether it is a quick check-in meeting or a full marketing presentation, instantly logging into iMeet allows you to work in a face-to-face environment with your client and accomplish tasks quickly, saving money and time.  Even with the added convenience of video conferencing, you don’t have to sacrifice security.  iMeet offers the security of the iMeet cloud-based meeting space, which means your meetings and conference calls are private and secured 24/7.  The cloud-based meeting space also means that no downloads are required for any time consuming, complicated plug-ins.  When your meeting starts, meeting attendees can join instantly with no delays or technical issues.

Connect anytime, anywhere with iMeet mobile

iMeet also allows you to connect when you are on-the-go.  iMeet features a mobile application that works with iPhone, Windows and Android devices.  Regardless of if you are out of the office or on the road, you won’t miss important meetings because you can connect instantly via your mobile device.  This offers you unparalleled flexibility and connectivity when you need it most.

There is a package for every size organization

Most importantly, iMeet is affordable for companies of all sizes.  There are packages available for all businesses of all sizes. iMeet is affordable and designed with your budget in mind.  With iMeet, you can save time and money, and ensure that communication and collaboration within your business and with clients and customers are at their best.

iMeet Face-to-Face & Build Better Relationships

Best-in-class video with reliable conference calling in a secure, cloud-based, personalized meeting space. Build better relationships by leaving lasting, first-class impressions on guests while saving thousands on business travel.


Completely eliminate the need for dial-in numbers and pass codes to join audio meetings.  iMeet’s Auto-Connect™ feature lets you instantly join the conversation. You can setup iMeet to call you as soon as you enter the room. Your guests just have to click a button and iMeet will automatically call their phone or computer.

HD Video  

Make your meetings more personal with crystal clear HD video.  In just one click, you can be face-to-face with up to 15 people. And, iMeet is designed to deliver the highest quality of HD video without utilizing huge amounts of bandwidth from your network.  Don’t like being on video? No worries. iMeet makes it just as easy to turn off your webcam and use your profile picture instead.

Room Customization

Create a room that reflects your personality. You can create your own personalized meeting room URL (e.g., create a unique room name, and select your room’s background. Plus, your iMeet room automatically reflects your current location, time and weather.

Other Features Include:

  • Meeting capacity of up to 125 attendees
  • Voice and video options
  • Meeting capacity with HD video of up to 15 people
  • Passing control to a guest in the meeting to drive the presentation
  • Outlook integration, including a toolbar that pre-populates meeting details directly into calendar
  • No software downloads required
  • System dial-out, avoiding a lengthy login process
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Customizable meeting spaces
  • SSL encryption for security
  • Desktop sharing
  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Complimentary, one-on-one training
  • Live chat options for text discussions

Meetings will never be the same

iMeet is a revolutionary communication and collaboration product that can change the way you do business. iMeet was designed for you, the end-user. It features a sleek, user-friendly interface and layout that allows the user to connect quickly and easily. If you are on the road and need to hop on a quick meeting with co-workers in the office, iMeet allows you to connect instantly, while providing high quality, 1080p high definition video and the highest quality audio in the industry. iMeet can meet a wide variety of business needs.

Meet, Call, Share, Chat, Collaborate

Take one look at iMeet and it will change the way you think about web conferencing. Signup for a free trial today and see why smart professionals are choosing iMeet.

Key Benefits:

  • HD video – fully integrated, high-definition video conferencing
  • Mobile meetings – a full web conferencing experience from multiple devices
  • Outlook integration – completed integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Screen and file sharing – share documents from multiple devices
  • Customized meeting rooms – customize components of your meeting experience
  • Room control panel – control all aspects of your meeting with the click of a mouse
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