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Web Meeting

As your business grows, it’s no longer defined by the brick and mortar of traditional office space. Your stakeholders are in different time zones, countries and continents, while the business world is broadly adopting the telecommuter model. How do you connect these individuals and leverage their collective knowledge regardless of their location? Web Meeting provides a creative and convenient way to visually collaborate among offices and colleagues.

This easy-to-use web collaboration service includes the key features needed for your teams to connect anywhere in the world, enhance their effectiveness and grow. Whether your team needs to work together to create documents, conduct a web meeting, share a desktop, screen share, execute a webinar or show a presentation in a secure and safe environment, we have a web conferencing solution that can meet your collaboration needs and budget requirements.

Online Conferencing with Confidence and Ease

Web Meeting is a great tool to bridge the geographic distance among offices, but joining a web conference can be a hassle. A hefty download, the wrong software version, or an unsupported platform or browser can frustrate participants. The Web Meeting service makes scheduling and conducting online meetings and webinars easy. The Web Meeting service eliminates the requirement for special software and supports a broad range of platforms and browsers. And with a full-featured tool set available at one affordable price, you can connect online in the way that is right for your business.

Web Conferencing for Everyone

Dynamic Meeting Options: Web Meeting enables you to concentrate on the substance of your meeting or webinar, not the technology.

Real Time Collaboration: Hold an on-demand conference and take advantage of application and desktop sharing.

High-Profile Webinar Capability: Schedule a conference and create a branded experience with custom invitations, registration pages and more.

Leverage Recorded Content: Use the embeddable media player, automated podcasting and built-in social media promotion tools to leverage your content post-event.

Simplified Access: Participants can join meetings with ease because there are no complicated downloads or special software requirements. The Adobe Flash based player for participants makes entering a web conference quick and easy.

Superior Platform and Browser Support: Web Meeting offers platform support for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and superior browser support for Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

Features of Web Meeting

  • Virtual Online Content: share presentation slides, documents, video clips, desktop, screen sharing and other images to enrich your conference
  • Q&A Management: manage questions and answers during your meeting in an organized fashion
  • Meeting Management: control your meetings with simple online commands
  • “Firewall proof” Options: There’s no need for downloads to start or join online meetings
  • Integration with Salesforce and Eloqua: Enable sales and marketing executives to effectively manage their online client communications
  • Record or Playback On-Demand: On-demand recording features let you save synchronized audio and visual content for playback at your convenience. Allow viewers to jump to specific portions in the recording with synchronized audio/web playback.

Before your meetings

  • Easy scheduling and setup
  • Brandable emails and web pages
  • Customizable registration
  • Flexible confirmation options
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media promotion

                                                     During your meetings

  • Integrated audio controls
  • Manage participants
  • Appoint co-presenters
  • Grant control
  • Present slides
  • Replay video clips
  • Share application(s) or desktop
  • Enhanced polling
  • Chat
  • Annotation tools
  • One-click recording

Post Meeting Tools

  • Customizable post-meeting surveys and emails
  • Meeting archive pages
  • Extensive reporting
  • Downloadable recordings

Key Benefits

Flexibility: one service can be utilized by multiple departments
Easy-to-use: simple point-and-click user interface
Integrated Solutions: fully integrated conferencing solution
Mobility: connect from any mobile device or tablet
Instant Access: Flash-based solution – no download required
Cost-effective: enjoy highly competitive rates

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