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Make Your Meetings Click

Unified Meeting enhances the way you communicate by making meetings convenient and easy to manage.  No matter how you choose to meet, when you choose to meet or from where – we’ve got you covered. Unified Meeting is a web based tool that puts you in complete control of all aspects of your meeting – including scheduling, managing and securing your meetings.

Whether you are collaborating online or simply using audio to meet, Unified Meeting improves your meeting experience with intuitive and powerful productivity enhancements that are available to you with a click of your mouse.  All of this comes as a service that is integrated with the business tools that you use every day.

Make Your Meetings Click

With a click of your mouse or a tap on a mobile device, meetings are easier to manage, more effective and more productive.

Click to Schedule 

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, one click adds all your meeting information to your invite.

If your schedule changes, connection information is carried over – no new connection details required.

Click to Start and Join

One click from your meeting invitation or smartphone starts your meeting.

With one click, your participants are dialed out to join the meeting – no special codes needed, no plug-in required.

Forgot someone? With one click, you can dial-out to a missing participant or send them an instant invite.

Click to Control 

One click to mute/unmute participant lines to control unwanted background noise.

One click to lock/unlock meeting room for greater meeting security.

One click to dismiss unwanted participants or to end the meeting.

Click to Share 

When needed you are one click away from sharing and showing content with your participants – no additional downloads required.

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