Web Meeting

Web Meeting is designed so that meetings, sales demos, training sessions and webinars are easy to schedule and conduct. Unlike other web and audio conferencing services, Web Meeting doesn't make you pick-and-choose features or the way you use them; you have access to a full-featured tool set, allowing you to design the experience that's right for your meeting or event. No need to upgrade or change packages, you get it all at one affordable price.

Web Meeting sets itself apart from other web conferencing products, with its simple interface and comprehensive in-meeting tools make it easy to manage and record your live conference, share content and engage your audience.

  • Easy Access
    A Flash-based player makes entering a web conference quick and easy. Superior platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) support and an alternative participant application means everyone can join.
  • Integrated Audio
    Choose the audio option that's right for your conference calling service- on-demand, operator-assisted or broadcast audio.
  • Manage Audio Participants
    Manage conference audio through the phone keypad or web interface. Dial out, mute and un-mute, lock audio, get assistance and more.
  • Share Applications/Desktop
    Share one or more applications or your entire desktop with your audience.
  • Appoint Co- Presenters
    Easily elevate a participant to a co-presenter so they can share their slides, applications or desktop, view participants, chat and more.
  • Grant Control
    Collaborate by granting control of applications or your desktop to a participant or co-presenter.
  • Invite Participants
    Instantly send an email inviting others to join a meeting from within the conference call interface.
  • Raise Hand
    Participants can indicate they have a question by clicking raise hand.
  • Present Slides
    Quickly upload and display slide presentations. Slide thumbnails can easily be moved for on-the-fly reordering during a meeting.
  • Polling
    Engage the audience by conducting a poll. Display responses or keep them private. Access a results summary and responses by individual.
  • Chat
    Chat privately with co-presenters, one-on-one with participants or broadcast a message to everyone. Use chat to manage Q&A.
  • Annotation Tools
    Draw attention to key messages in the presentation with a variety of markup tools.
  • Recording
    Record an audio-only call or an integrated audio and web conferencing with the phone keypad or by clicking a button in the web interface

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