Select Conferencing is dedicated to helping you realize the greatest value from your conferencing investment. Our FAQ section is a comprehensive guide to using our Audio and Web Conferencing services. We make it easy to find the answer to your question and our Frequently Asked Questions are constantly updated to instantly share the most common Questions and Answers.

General FAQ

What makes Select Conferencing different than other conferencing providers?
Select Conferencing has relationships with more than a dozen different web-conferencing and audio-conferencing vendors. This allows us to match your organization with the provider that will best suite your needs. We make sure your company receives the functionality you need in a conferencing service without requiring you to pay for additional features that your organization will never use.
Why are your rates the lowest in the industry?
We are able to offer the lowest rates in the industry because of the high volume we purchase from each vendor. Our customers leverage our buying power for the guaranteed lowest price in the conferencing industry. In fact we are the only company that offers a low price guarantee on all our products and services. If you find a lower rate out there we will beat it!
How long does it take to set up an account?
We can set up your account instantly with an online application. As soon as we approve your account you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule and participate in conference calls or online meetings. We also provide same day training if needed.
Are there any hidden costs involved for this service?
There are no hidden costs of any kind; we have no setup fees, monthly fees, minimum or contracts.
Can I use your service from outside the United States?
Yes, it we offer both toll and toll free audio services in more than 70 countries. In addition most of the web conferencing services that we provide can be used from outside North America.
How many participants can I have on a conference call?
The providers that we partner with can accommodate up to 5,000 attendees on a conference call.
Do I need any software to host a Web Conference?
No, there is no software required to use any of our services. They are on-demand applications, delivered as a service through your web browser.
What types of audio conferencing carriers do you use?
There are many audio conferencing carriers in the world today. Some are 'Tier 1' carriers, such as AT&T, Qwest, Sprint and Verizon. These are the largest and most reliable carries. Other carriers are 'Tier 2' carriers that directly interface with the main carriers, such as Wiltel, Time Warner, Level 3, and many other local carriers. There is also what is considered 'Tier 3' carriers that are hit-and-miss. Many of them utilize VOIP technology heavily, delivering it to the end-user over the Internet. This type of connection is generally not reliable for business applications, and will provide a poor quality connection for your conference.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing

How long does it take to get my conference call information?
Typically, you will receive your information in less than 60 minutes after you sign up for the service. Please check your Spam folder and see if the email confirmation ended up in there. All orders are filled between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm EST Mon - Fri.
How many people can I have on an Audio Conference Call?
All new accounts are provisioned to accommodate 96 participants by default. However without a reservation we can accommodate up to 500 upon request. If additional lines are required, please contact your account manager.
Do I have to call to schedule an Audio Conference each time?
No reservations are required! You will be provided with a Permanent Toll-Free and Direct Toll Dial-In number, with a Chairperson and Participant codeset when you sign up. Simply use them every time you want to conduct a conference call!
Do I get my own Toll-Free access number for the conference calls?
Yes, a Permanent Toll-Free number will be provided to you.
Do you support International callers into the conference call?
Our service does support International callers in more than 110 countries. They can access the conference using the Direct Dial-In (TOLL) number. Or you can use our global "800" service to provide your participants Toll- Free access within their country. We provide a list of supported countries on our International Audio page.
What are the Chairperson Telephone Keypad Commands?
Can I record my conference call?
Yes, you can record the audio portion of your conference by dialing *2 and following the instructions provided by the prompts.
Can I dial out to participants when I am already in the conference call?
Yes. Your account is provisioned for dial-out upon signup. The dial-out feature is useful for joining participants to a conference call. From within the conference dial *1 as the Host and follow the instructions. In terms of International Dial-Out availability, this service is also available upon request.
How long does it take to get a conference call set up?
After you complete the sign up process online you will receive an email containing your conference call information in less than 60 minutes. Once you receive your information you can begin hosting reservationless conference calls immediately.
How do I calculate Conference Call Minutes?
Conference call minutes are calculated by multiplying the number of participants, including the Moderator or Leader of the conference, times the number of minutes the call lasts.
For example - If you have 10 people on a conference call and it lasts one hour (60 minutes) you would multiply 10 X 60 to equal 600 conferencing minutes.
How much will my conference call cost?
As is the case with all conference call service providers, Select Conferencing rates calls based on total minutes for the call. The total conference call minutes are calculated by multiplying the number of participants by the number of minutes.
Example - If you are going to have a confernece all with 10 people that will last an hour you would multiply the number of people (10) X the the number of minutes (60) to get the total number of minutes (600).
The cost is then calculated by multiplying the total number of minutes by your per minute rate.

Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing

How do I make a reservation?
Any of our account managers can assist you in reserving your Operator Assisted call. Simply give us a call and provide the following information:
  • Date and time of the call
  • Anticipated duration of the call
  • Type of service
  • Number of participants
  • Account information
  • Name and telephone number of chairperson and contact person
  • Names and telephone numbers of participants (if Dial-Out call)
After speaking with a Reservationist who will gather your call specifications, You will receive a reservation number, a verbal and emailed confirmation, and the phone numbers for your conference.
Inform conference participants of the scheduled date, time, and phone number.
What are some of the features provided with the Operator Assisted Audio service?
  • Ideal for high-profile, C-level communication such as investor relations calls, merger/acquisition announcements, etc.
  • Supports wide range of audience sizes from small to large
  • Full-service operator coordination, monitoring, and support
  • Participant list, roll call service available
  • Operator greeting, placement into call
  • Customizable greeting and information capture
  • Operator-managed Q&A sessions
  • Toll/toll-free access or operator dial-out
  • Security screening, password access
  • Full suite of Enhanced Services
  • Event Call Director - an online tool that enables the meeting organizer to view who has joined the call, manage the question queue, and chat with the conference operator.
  • Digital Playback/ Conference Playback - a digital recording of the conference can be accessed via a toll or toll-free number for those unable to attend ‘live’
  • Recording services - for a physical record of the conference; tapings are available as CD or cassette tapes, .wav or MP3 files accessible from the web
  • Transcription/Translation services - transcription of the conferences available as Microsoft Office® Word, plain text or rich text document. Translations of the transcripts are also available in several languages
  • Participant list - receive an attendance list of participants via fax or e-mail
  • On-line Participation List - on-line access to view the participant list for your Event Call, real time or post conference
  • Communication line - dedicated operator provides ongoing conference call updates and communication status
  • Participant notification - operator informs participants of call date and time prior to the call
What is a "pre-conference"?
With an operator-assisted conference operators can "clear" participants for the conference call.
Prior to the conference, the customer provides (ia fax or e-mail)a participant list of people who are "cleared" to attend the conference call. As participants call in, operators obtain their names. That information is then compared to the participant list provided by the customer. If the name is on the list, the participant is placed in the conference. If the name does not appear on the list, those callers are placed in a separate clearance conference while we clear them pending the chairperson or other designated person’s approval. All callers not approved for clearance are restricted from attending the conference call.
A list of actual attendees can be faxed or e-mailed to the customer shortly after the start of the call as well as after the call is complete.
How long does it take to get my participant list after call completion?
Participant lists are typically sent via fax within an hour following the conclusion of a conference. Upon request, special arrangements can be made to fax participant lists during or at the conclusion of a conference. The list will include participant names and may also include other information specified at the time of reservation. Lists can also be sent via email.
Can you tell me more about "Conference Recording"?
Recording is a value-added service that allows the conference call to be recorded on standard cassette tape or CD-Rom. Wav files are also available via a Web link. It is recommended that you copy this file to your own Website for streaming. For an additional fee, customers may order a soft-copy of their recorded file (.wav), which can be sent via email.
Once you has retrieved the file, you may post it to your company website for listener access if desired.
A request for recording can be made either at the time the conference call is reserved or at least 30 minutes prior to the conference call start time. During the standard conference call introduction, an announcement is made to all participants giving notice that the call will be recorded.