Adobe Connect

Communicate your ideas powerfully using Adobe® Connect™ web conferencing software. Securely share presentations and multimedia right from your desktop, and get feedback from hundreds of participants — all using a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player runtime, already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected personal computers. The advantage to using Adobe Connect, as opposed to other web conferencing products is it is a flash based service- this means no download is needed to join the meeting.

  • Speedy content authoring
    Rapidly create compelling presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, complete with talking head videos and animations.
  • Easy audio recording and editing
    Add narration to web conferencing presentations using your computer and a microphone, and use the intuitive Audio Editing tool to cut out awkward pauses or mistakes or add an external audio track.
  • Rich viewing experience
    This conference calling service helps you engage viewers with compelling, self-running rich media presentations for maximum transfer of knowledge in minimum time.
  • Standards-compliant content
    Deliver and track SCORM and AICC compliant presentations through existing corporate learning management systems.
  • Blended learning
    Deploy custom training programs that mix and reuse a variety of training activities, including self-paced Adobe Presenter courses, third-party content, and live, instructor-led training.
  • Interactive quizzes and surveys
    Administer formal assessments, knowledge retention exercises, or surveys, or use question branching with audio-visual feedback to guide users and tailor learning paths.
  • Effortless curriculum management
    This outstanding conference calling service lets you create progressive learning tracks and easily define course prerequisites, optional and required modules, and completion requirements.
  • Automated registration management
    Create custom online registration forms and enable self-registration through automatic attendee registration approval and confirmation.
  • Attendee qualification and notification
    This phenominal conference calling service Track registration form answers to qualify attendees, approve or deny attendance, and send automatic e-mail notifications based on qualification as well as post-event communications.
  • Detailed event tracking and reporting
    Get detailed reports on who has viewed published on-demand presentations on a prospect-by-prospect and slide-by-slide basis.

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