Conference Call Providers, Recording and Archiving

Web conferencing is an easy way to host live online meetings. Sometimes it is helpful to record your web conference for playback at a later date. For instance, a number of our customers record their web conferences to develop training modules for their customers or employees.

Most conference call providers offer web conferencing with some sort of recording capability. But not all recording systems are created equal. Other conference call providers won't tell you or don't understand that it is not useful if you cannot record web conferencing the way that your business wants. You need a conference calling service that will cater to your recording needs.

At Select Conferencing, we supply you with more than a dozen web conferencing options that allow you to record your meetings just how you desire. This ensures that we can provide you with a web-recording service that meets your expectations. Wouldn't it be nice to find conference call providers who actually matched your style of operating without causing you to adjust to them?

Additionally, most of our conference call providers will host your recordings free of charge. It's a rather simple process. Your web conferencing is recorded then you send a link to your desired viewers, and they can play it back immediately in their browser of choice. Audio integration is also provided with every recording.

If you are new to the web conferencing world or if you are currently unhappy with your conference call providers service and their ability to record web conferencing, see what Select Conferencing has to offer. We guarantee you will be happy you called!

Contact us today if you would like more information on our web conferencing recording options.