Live web conferencing can jump-start a project and get everyone on the same page. Rally employees, make a sales pitch or host an event. Netspoke helps you accomplish more, faster and easier. Get people together now and get it done.

Netspoke Benefits:

Netspoke lets you connect with co-workers, clients and prospects at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face meetings.

  • Better interaction. Live web conferencing products can jump-start a project and quickly get everyone on the same page. You'll know who's in the meeting and who's talking.
  • Easy to use. Use the same URL to host on¬line meetings and take advantage of the simple, intuitive meeting controls.
  • Simple for participants. By meeting on the web, participants can control their own audio volumes. Netspoke can even dial out to meeting attendees to connect them into the web conferencing, helping to start on time.

Netspoke Features:

Ideal for daily team collaborations, sales training and product demonstrations, Netspoke has a variety of rich features to make your meetings more interactive and productive.

  • Personal Meeting Room. Customize your meeting URL by creating a room name, and conducting all of your meetings from this single, on-demand meeting room.
  • Video Integration. Use a webcam to share live video with participants from the meeting interface.
  • Share Presentations. Upload and share PowerPoint right from your computer to audiences around the world.
  • Application Sharing. Demonstrate and share any software or application from your desktop to remote audiences – it's firewall friendly.
  • Integrated Audio. For large meetings, mute background noises by the integrated audio features and utilize the active speaker icons to see who is talking.
  • Recording. Capture both the call and the web meeting in one file, so that others may view the recording later in just one click.
  • Collaboration Features. Create a truly interactive meeting with chat, Q&A, web tour, polling and virtual whiteboard features.
  • Participant Controls. Receive participant feedback as attendees set their status / mood, or the raise hand feature.
  • File Transfer. Make supplementary handouts, images or spreadsheets available for download before, during or after a conference call.
  • Live Help. Live customer support and technical advice at the push of a button – during live conferences or any time you're logged in.
  • SSL Encryption. Protect your high security meetings with SSL encryption
  • Content Library. Store presentations, bookmarks, polling questions and other content for easy selection.
  • Online Reporting. Generate detailed reports of all of your conferencing and user activity from your own computer.
  • Scheduling and Invitations. Schedule teleconference meetings with a few quick online steps and automatically send invitations to your attendees.
  • Custom Branding. Apply your company logo and colors to the site and/or the Netspoke web interface using the online administration tools.
  • Registration and Evaluation Surveys. Tailor your meetings to the individual needs of your participants and collect detailed feedback.

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